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ANCHR is a non-profit group working to support historical research in Northern California by publishing books and pamphlets on Northern California history written by local researchers and providing publication services to help researchers accomplish their research and local history writing objectives. We especially encourage high school, college and university teachers and students to use this service to publish local history projects, papers, and theses of exceptional merit and deemed worthy of wider public access and availability. 

From its beginning ANCHR has depended on membership support from interested citizens in the region and beyond to further its effort to preserve and make available historical documents and photographs through Meriam Library Special Collections, and to help and support researchers and authors to illuminate the history of Northeastern California through publications, the Internet, and other public access avenues. We invite you to join ANCHR as a member and welcome you as a contributor.

As a non-profit, ANCHR depends on membership support to further its effort to preserve history and to help researchers and authors with their historical endeavors. Our members share a vision, dedication, and passion for history. Please, won’t you join us to help promote research, preservation, and publication of our local history before it’s lost. You can make a difference. Become a member today!


You can join online by adding a membership to your cart or mail the membership application to us by downloading it here.

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