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Past Presidents and Board of Directors

1971 - 2005

Past ANCHR Presidents


Dorothy J. Hill - chosen to serve while under organization, 1971. Served as first president 1971- 1975, she served again in 1992-1993.

Joseph F. McGie - resigned following heart attack in April, 1976.

Lois H. McDonald - completed 1976, 1977-1979.

Charles Randolph - September-December, 1978 in absence of McDonald.

Theodore Meriam 1980-1985

Ramona Flynn 1986-1987

Clarence McIntosh 1988-April, 1989, resigned because of illness.

Mary Ellen Bailey completed 1989, 1990-1991

Dorothy J. Hill 1992-1993

Carol DiGiovanni 1994

Michael Gillis 1995-1997

David M. Brown 1998-2000

Steve Schoonover 2001-2004

Madge R. Walsh 2005


Persons Serving ANCHR on Board of Directors

Ed Anderson, Chico

Mary Ellen Bailey, Corning-Artois

Margaret Bartholomew, Chico

Alma Blasingame, Durham

Norris A. Bleyhl, Chico

Kevin Brennan, Chico

David M. Brown, Durham

Joe Carmosino, Alturas

Lois Christensen, Chico

Robert Colby, Paradise

Marilyn Corley, Magalia

John Cowan, Gridley

Cecile Cramer, Colusa

Carol DiGiovanni, Chico

Imogene Edwards, Durham

Peter Ellen, Chico

Adriana Farley, Durham

Elizabeth Fendt, Colusa

Ramona Flynn, Chico

Patricia Felthouse, Red Bluff

David Freiler, Yuba City

John Furry, Chico

Grenville Gibbs, Redding

Michael Gillis, Chico

James Haehn, Chico

Pat Hall, Chico

Henrietta Henderson, Chico

Jessica Herrick, Chico

Dorothy J. Hill, Chico

Ruth Hitchcock, Red Bluff

William Hood, Chico

Charles Hornbeck, Redding

Charles Hubbard, Oroville

Ann Hunt, Redding

W.H. Hutchinson, Chico

Giovanna Jackson, Chico

Daniel Jeffers, Chico

James W. "Jim" Jessee, Chico

Richard Johnson, Colusa

William A. Jones, Chico

Denise Kaveney, Chico

Joseph Kaveney, Chico

Don Keene, Orland

Leslie Kuykendall, Oroville

Tom Kuykendall, Oroville

James Lague, Oroville

Chris Laverne, Chico

Virginia Lawrence, Corning

James Lenhoff, Oroville

Don Lillibridge, Chico

Marvin Locke, Red Bluff

Michael Magliari, Chico

Barbara Mahler, Chico

Carllene Marek, Magalia

Theodore Meriam, Chico

Lois McDonald, Magalia

Joseph McGie, Gridley

Clarence McIntosh, Chico

Jean Minasian, Oroville

Donald Moore, Redding

Kathleen Moran, Colusa

Elroy Nathan, Chico

Sarah Emily Newton, Chico

Philip Nordhus, Chico

Andrew Osborne, Red Bluff

Dave Pratt, Red Bluff

Charles Randolph, Oroville

Barbara Roper, Oroville

Shirley Russell, Orland

Steve Schoonover, Chico

Lola Starr, Paradise

Victoria C. Sulski, Paradise

Ruby Swartzlow, Paradise

Carla Truttman, Grenada

Madge Walsh, Redding

Thelma White, Willows

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