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On June 27, 1960, the first slim volume of Tales of the Paradise Ridge went on sale for 60 cents. What began as a local history class in 1960 evolved into a priceless treasury of Paradise Ridge fact and folklore. 


The Gold Nugget Museum continued the tradition after it merged with the Paradise Historical Society in 2004. As noted by then museum President Ladd McDonald, the merger promised to “enrich and strengthen our mutual mission . . . [of] creating and maintaining a written account of the history of the Ridge and our community.”

The foresight of these words was never more apparent than after November 8, 2018. The Camp Fire--the worst fire in California history--dealt a devastating blow on the collective soul of the Paradise Ridge. The history preserved in Tales has never been more important or priceless as the Ridge recovers and rebuilds.


This keepsake treasury, which is a collaborative effort between ANCHR and the Paradise Gold Nugget Museum, contains 41 articles selected from 115 issues of Tales of the Paradise Ridge. Each showcases the rich and vibrant history of the Ridge--from the Dogtown Nugget, the Skyway, and Honey Run Bridge to leaking pipes, a whiskey flask, and bear paw buttons. It will entertain, engage, and  touch you. But most of all, it will remind you that our history keeps us Paradise Ridge Strong.

Tales from the Paradise Ridge

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