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This picture biography for young readers (ages 5 to 10 years) tells the story of Peter Lassen, a pioneer from Denmark who settled in Northern California. His independent spirit and love of adventure took him far beyond the boundaries of the United States to Alta California. An active volcano is named after him, and so is a county and a national park. What did he do to make himself so famous? Read the true story of a man who loved the beautiful land that became his new home.
"Through comprehensive research and gifted writing, historian Nancy Leek brings out the magnetic life of this intrepid Danish pioneer who crossed the country to settle and tame the rugged and remote land of northeastern California. He was generous and welcoming to immigrants and respected Native Americans, only to be murdered in 1859 on his way to the newly discovered Nevada silver mines." Gary F. Kurutz, curator emeritus, California State Library. 

Peter Lassen: The True Story of a Danish Pioneer in California

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