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Over time, the names, deeds, and supreme sacrifices of these men have been forgotten as one generation gives way to the next. These names may appear on a bronze plaque—dedicated to their memory—but the impact is lost if no one remembers them or their heroic actions.


The names of Glenn County war casualties can be found on plaques at the Glenn County Courthouse Annex, Willows Post Office, Willows Memorial Hall, Willows Mall, and the Orland Memorial Hall. First, however, it was necessary to attempt to separate the Orland area men listed on these plaques from the other county servicemen.


Reviewing local papers uncovered additional men “worthy” of being labeled an Orland Patriot. The collection of Orland newspapers housed at the Orland Free Library is an invaluable historical resource for the community. Before the widespread popularity of radio and television, newspapers were the prime conveyance of news to the citizens living in the Orland area. If you wanted local news, you subscribed to one or both of the Orland semiweekly newspapers. The poignant story of a war casualty was always front-page news.


In this work, these dire accounts are divided by conflict and are presented in alphabetical order as they appeared in the local newspapers. Additional data and supplemental notes are included with selected servicemen.


It is hoped that this document may be a reminder to the young, as well as older reader, that we should never forget our heroes who lost their lives during wartime. Hundreds of Orland men and women served their country when called upon and survived the experience. These too are certainly Orland patriots and deserve our respect and gratitude.

Orland's Patriots by Gene Russell and Jay D. Russell


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