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Jumbo Lemonade Stand                                                           

Located on the Heritage Trail at the Glenn County Fairgrounds. Lemonade stands were located up and down Northern California highways from the mid-1920s until World War II, and were "planned to take some of the crop of Mill Orchard's large lemon grove west of Maxwell. A destructive freeze in 1932 put an end to the grove and lemons were supplied from the southern part of the state." Al and Beulah Brian were the original owners and operators of the jumbo lemonade stand. The stand was located in their front yard at their Delevan home on Old Highway 99W.



In Names on the Land, George R. Stewart writes that "In Europe, not only the origins but the meanings of many place names have been lost (in the ancient darkness). In a continent as new as North America, both are still traceable, or at least guessable."


This seems to be true as the year 2000 marks the 125th anniversary of Orland's founding and it is indeed possible to trace the origins of most of the city's additions, airports, arenas, benches, buildings, cannons, creeks, fireplaces, flagpoles, forts, lakes, parks, railroads, schools, statues, streets, trees, and other place designations.

Orland's Colorful Place Names by Gene Russell

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