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Here is Don Lillibridge's (former professor and Chairman Emeritus of California State University, Chico, California, History Department) own words in the Introduction to his book:


“I seem to be a rather egotistical rascal given that these writings are all about me. But my wife, Michele Shover, wanted me to draw together all the various things I have written about my life and my family: from growing up in a small town in the northern plains; to fighting in the Pacific as a young Marine lieutenant; to whooping it up doing research in London and Paris in the days after World War II; and getting the journals and letters of my late wife, Flo, into the archives of The Schlesinger Library at Harvard University. This is sort of a jumbled up memoir, but it has most of the key elements in a rather long life.


The Association for Northern California Historical Research (on whose board I served happily for a number of years) has kindly permitted me to publish this memoir under their imprint. I wanted to make this account of my life available to my rapidly expanding family, which is now approaching clan size and also to all those friends and enemies of the people whom I have known and admired and appreciated over these many years, and who are still alive and alert enough to pick up a volume and peruse it.”

Images of a Long Life by G.D. "Don" Lillibridge

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  • G.D. Lillibridge is Professor and Chairman Emeritus, History Department, California State University, Chico, California. He is the author of Images of American Society, a two-volume history of the United States, and four other books, and has written essays for such journals and magazines as The American Scholar and American Heritage. His most recent book is Out of My Past: Speeches and Essays 1955-1997.

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