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This book examines and analyzes the 1905 and 1906 establishment of Hamilton City, California, when the United States and California beet sugar industry began to flourish in the 1890s.


James Hamilton, a business entrepreneur within the industry for many years desired to establish a sugar estate of his own. After forming the Pacific Sugar Construction Company and the Alta California Beet Sugar Company in 1905, he located the enterprise on 8,500 acres of land in Glenn and Butte Counties, the first successful beet sugar operation in the Sacramento Valley.


This book also reviews how the beet sugar operation altered and changed the area in the founding years of 1905 and 1906. The chronological events in the establishment of Hamilton City, its beet sugar factory, and agricultural endeavors is also well documented.

Hamilton City & Its Relationship to the Sugar Beet Industry by Kristine Kackert

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