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Annual Membership Meeting

Past Speakers

  • 1971 DR. STANFORD CAZIER, President, Chico State College.

  • 1972 DR. HECTOR LEE, Sonoma State College, Folklore.

  • 1973 ANN CAMPBELL, Archivist, San Bruno National Archives Repository

  • 1974 DR. GARY SHUMWAY, CSU, Fullerton, Oral History Techniques

  • 1975 CHARLES D. WILSON, Archivist, California State Archives.

  • 1976 KENNETH PETTIT, California State Library, California Section

  • 1977 BACCALA CATTLE DRIVE, ANCHR Financed Audio-Visual Production.

  • 1978 DENNIS BERKLA, Research Historian, Bidwell Mansion State Park, "Evidence of Early Spanish Presence in Northeastern California."

  • 1979 ROBERT LYNCH, Exploring the Evidence of Drake's Landing Site

  • 1980 DR. ROBIN WILSON, President, California State University, Chico

  • 1981 DR. ROBERT AMESBURY, Susanville, The Noble Immigrant Trail

  • 1982 GARY STRONG, California State Librarian.

  • 1983 DR. J.S. HOLLIDAY, Executive Director, California Historical Society; Author, The World Rushed In.

  • 1984 PETER PALMQUIST, Eureka, Vintage Photography Preservation

  • 1985 DR. RON LIMBAUGH, Univ. of the Pacific, John Muir Archivist

  • 1986 HAL GOODYEAR, Weaverville, "Trinity County Mining."

  • 1987 GARY KURUTZ, California Room Librarian, California State Library

  • 1988 MARY HANEL, Caltrans History Center.

  • 1989 JOHN COWAN, History of Wildlife in the Sacramento Valley.

  • 1990 ANITA CHANG, "The Humboldt Road: Hiding In Plain Sight."

  • 1991 WAVERLY LOWELL, Archivist, San Bruno National Archives, "Richness of Primary Sources for Local History."

  • 1992 CRAIG BATES, Curator of the Indian Museum, Yosemite National Park, "Maidu and other Butte County Indian Tribes."

  • 1993 CLAIR A. HILL, Past Chairman, California Water Resources, "Flood Control on the Upper Sacramento River."

  • 1994 DR. AL ROCCA, Simpson College, Redding, "Shasta Dam Boomtowns."

  • 1995 DR. SUSAN HARDWICK, CSUC Geography Dept., "Valley for Dreams: Life and Landscape in the Sacramento Valley."

  • 1996 DR. MICHELE SHOVER, CSUC Dept. of Political Science, "The Lemm Ranch Murders."

  • 1997 GARY KURUTZ, California Room Librarian, Bibliography of Gold Rush Literature.

  • 1998 JANET FOSTER CARTER, Colusa, Chairman of the California State Historical Resources Commission, "Steps in Saving our Heritage of historic Buildings and Sites."

  • 1999 JOHN FURRY, Anthropology faculty, Butte Community College, "The Repatriation of Ishi's Remains, Issues, Concerns, and Controversy."

  • 2000 JOHN SCHOENLEBER, "The Lessons of the Dead Sea Scrolls for Northeaster California Research and Record Preservation."

  • 2001 ADRIANA FARLEY, Durham community historian, "The Stanford Ranch-Durham Colony".

  • 2002 DON LILLIBRIDGE, retired professor of history, CSU, Chico, "Publishing the Personal Diaries of Flo Lillibridge--an Odyssey."

  • 2003 PETER ELLEN, "Sander Christensen: Entrepreneurial Spirit, Community Building, and the Rice Industry in California's Northern Sacramento Valley."

  • 2004 LOIS MCDONALD, "Annie Bidwell-The Other Side of the Story."

  • 2005 DON MOORE, "The History of the Redding Electric Company."

  • --DAVE BROWN & CHARLES MARTIN, "From the Prairie to the Pacific" the journal of Catherine "Kate" Furnell.

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