"I was a very small child when I heard the neighbors, as they gathered in groups in my father's dooryard, near the little village of Pleasant View, Illinois, on long summer evenings, all excitedly talking about the rumors of the wonderful discovery of gold in California. I often heard my father express his desire to go to California with one of the parties continually forming to make the long dangerous trip." ~Henrietta McDaniel Furnell


The author, Henrietta "Kate" McDaniel Furnell, created this narrative in 1928. Her niece Mai Luman Hill states that at nearly 86 years of age, Kate Furnell was nearly blind and wrote the text using a pencil and without being able to see the page. Passed along to family members, the manuscript was subsequently retyped in 1978 by Roberta Ellis for McDaniel family members.

From the Prairie to the Pacific by Wagon and Oxen in 1853 by Henrietta Furnell

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  • Henrietta McDaniel Furnell's recollections tell the story of her father, Elijah McDaniel, and his family's journey from the Midwest in 1853, and the early settlement of the Afton area of what is now Glenn County, California. The overland journey which began in the spring of 1853 and ended in the Sacramento Valley that September. The memoir also describes the pioneer settlement, agricultural development, and daily life in the Afton vicinity from the time of the McDaniel family's arrival in the fall of 1853 to after the turn of the twentieth century. It is this early look at the community of Afton and its surrounding region (Afton/Butte City/Union Township areas) that makes this memoir stand out from others of similar genre.


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